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Photran, LLC is the world leader in the production of single crystal sapphire optical fiber. Our products serve the demanding needs of the medical, and dental laser delivery market, and the hostile environment sensor markets.

Photran’s staff have extensive crystal growth experience and a diverse background in business and technology.

From its inception Photran has continued to develop the technology required to produce good quality single crystal sapphire fibers. The future of our company is to leverage this technology in the growth of other single crystal materials.

• Established in July of 2000, Photran, LLC was a spin-off from Saphikon Inc. of Milford, NH.
• Saphikon began growing single crystal sapphire profiles, using the EFG method, over 30 years ago.
• Saphikon started the commercial production of single crystal sapphire fiber in the late 1990’s.


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