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Application Notes:

Sensor Applications-
Sapphire's durability and inert nature make the crystal fiber very useful for sampling optical signals in harsh environments. Sapphire fibers can be inserted into the combustion chambers of internal combustion cylinders or turbine engines. In this way optical signal can be brought outside for spectral analysis. Fuel constituents, contaminants, combustion products and combustion chemistry can be monitored in order to control fuel mixture, flow and timing. Sapphire fibers can even be used in the fluorine plasmas used in semiconductor processing.

Laser Delivery Applications-
The Er:YAG laser produces a beam of wavelength 2.94 um. This wavelength is very useful for certain types of medical and dental surgery. There are few fiber materials, that can transmit this wavelength to the surgeon's or dentist's handpiece. Sapphire not only transmits this wavelength well, but is also biologically inert and autoclavable. Sapphire trunk fibers are available in bend limiting, but flexible, stainless steel cable. Sapphire fiber is a lower cost alternative to clumsy, articulated arms.


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