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Sapphire Optical Fiber

  • Bare Fibers
  • Cable Assemblies
  • SMA 905 Termination (Standard and High Power)
  • PTFE, PEEK & S/S Armor Cable Options
  • Flexible for medical laser delivery and sensors
  • 250, 325 & 425 micron diameter
  • Up to 2 meter lengths
  • Curved / bent sapphire tips
  • Optical Fiber specifications
Our EFG Process

Sapphire is produced commercially throughout the world and is used in virtually every major industry. Its optical, electrical, chemical, mechanical, and nuclear properties, make it an ideal material for hundreds of applications. Frequently it is the combination of two, or more, of its properties that make sapphire the only material available to solve complex engineering design problems.

Of the half dozen crystal growth methods currently used to produce sapphire, only Photran's EFG Process yields high volume, cost effective optical fibers.


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